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About Us

About us

You know how women want to shop without spending a lot of time and money? This is where it’s all made possible! Luxquisite Clothing is your ultimate fashion destination that offers clothing that is designed and stitched to perfection. Every fashion brand has a unique story and so do we! We are basically two best friends sharing the love and passion for style and uniqueness. It was back when we were both on our maternity leave that we began our fashion venture. Being on leave gave us the opportunity to start our fashion journey together and stylize women of substance.

Our brand is based in Canada and we come with the mission to make fashion comfortable for you. Every other fashion brand has a notion of beauty. For us, beauty lies in the simplicity of truth and originality. For us, every woman is beautiful no matter what the shape and size. We bring forth a collection of trendy and fashionable apparel that is made for you. From elegant dresses to β€œI wanna stay home all day” comfy bottoms; we have it all.Β  Every product is available at an amazingly reasonable price. This is because being women; we understand how females need to stay on a budget!

One thing that our brand passionately offers is the opportunity to style and groom you. On our website, you will see an option titled "Looks by Luxquisite". This is an option for every woman who wants to discover her fashion sense or needs to transform it. Both of us are personally here to change the way people look at you. We are glad to help and let you embrace your body without changing it. Needless to say, we would love to have fun with more genuine women like us!

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