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Luxquisite's Guide to Shopping Local

Posted: Dec 15 2019

Luxquisite’s Guide to Shopping Local This Holiday Season

Let’s talk small business friends! I could barf a bunch of economic statistics at you, but I’d actually like you to continue reading, so let me break it down like MC Hammer style for you... small business makes up over 90% of the Canadian private sector (Translation: over 90% of businesses that aren’t funded by your tax dollars), with “micro-enterprises”, better described as teeny, weenie businesses with less than 4 employees, make up 50% of that.


How the heck does that happen with giants like Walmart and Costco towering over our wallets?


Support and appreciation for the people out there hustling and doing what they love, the best that they can, to bring genuine and honest quality service to their communities. That’s how.


When you buy from a small biz, nearly 70% of that money stays in your community... keeping it strong, the people employable, and affording generation after generation greater security and opportunity.


You pay $10 for coffee at a local shop (shut up, we all like our speciality lattes), then the coffee slinger gives that $10 to the local jewelry maker for a holiday gift exchange, she puts that $10 toward her daughter’s dance lesson at the local studio, and so on and so forth. It keeps our local economy spinning like a first time driver on Circle Drive in winter. (Get off the road, Frank.)


These small peeps often have no sick days, no holidays, no stat pay, no pension, no mat leaves, no health benefits, no insurance, no guarantee if they will make any money that day, and often sit there like that “this is fine” dog in the burning house at the end of the work day.


But we keep doing it, because we love what we do and we love our customers.



Call us what you will... Toontown, Stabbytoon, Dirtyville... Saskatoon is a Mecca of small, local business. We support the little guys like nowhere I’ve ever been or seen. It’s remarkable and we should be proud of our love of doing so, and also that there is so much support-worthy biz.


Pat on the back, Saskabush!


So what are the best ways to shop local and support small? Here are 5 easy tips!



Most people don’t realize that just because you aren’t heading to a local “place”, you can still shop locally! The best part? You can do it while chugging a bottle (ahem, box...) of wine at home in your PJs while doing so. Hell, don’t wear any clothes at all. We can’t see you. Congrats, you’re now a blank canvas for all the new duds you’re about to order online.


So many e-commerce businesses are actually run right down the street from you and me, with your friends and neighbours behind the online storefront tirelessly marketing on Instagram and Facebook, constantly making or sourcing the best products, filling orders, running back and forth to the post office, and often even delivering the goods to your house personally. So find out who your local online retailers are and fill up that shopping cart. This holiday season give the gift of shopping like a blob on the couch to your loved ones with a gift card to Luxquisite. Now you’ve not only supported a local online business, but introduced a new customer to them too. Winning!


Luxquisite is locally owned and operated online in Saskatoon and can be found at #shamelessplug


In Store

Have you shopped til you dropped online and worked up a need for that $10 latte yet? Next time, before hitting the Starbucks that can’t spell your name, head to the local coffee shop and get your caffeine fix from the little guy and help them make their car payment that month, while keeping these trendy little java shops a-plenty in our city. Grab a gift card while you’re there and pop it in someone’s stocking!



Sometimes we all just have TOO. MUCH. STUFF.

Rather than wrapping up random knickknacks and paddywacks from Walmart, give your peeps the gift of an outing. Buy that person with the busy schedule a gift certificate for a blow-out (yo, someone ELSE washes, dries, and styles your hair for you! #BLESSEDfrom a locally owned and operated salon. Parents that have everything and then some? Send them to a local theatre production, restaurant, or comedy night.



Much like having your hair washed, the idea behind the gift of services is having someone else do the sh*t you don’t want to. Can you imagine opening the gift of a full deep-clean on your house from a local cleaning company? Excuse me while I cry tears of joy. Don’t know what to get a busy single parent or aging grandparent? Call a local one-person-show yard maintenance business and give the gift of SNOW REMOVAL. Seriously people, this is Saskatchewan, you’re welcome. #sendhelp



You know those people that are always throwing parties or hosting meals? Give them the gift of local entertaining by introducing them to new products made locally in hopes they continue to buy all that hand-crafted goodness to show off at their gatherings. Give gift cards to local bakeries or wrap up some honey from the rural beekeeper. Kooky gifts like this are unique and lets those bees keep buzzing. Are you the one doing the entertaining? Make an effort to gather up as many delicious local snacks and brews and show them off at your holiday dinner! Stuff their faces full of yum and their hands full of business cards.


There you have it! 5 ways to support your local, small businesses. Easy peasy. Give cool, unique gifts to your loved ones while keeping our economy strong and the self-employed doing little happy dances every time they make a sale.


Broke as a joke? When in doubt, upcycle & make gifts before buying cheap trinkets from huge retailers out of holiday obligation. Show off your talents for cooking or thrifting rather than filling our landfills with crap nobody wants.


Happy holidays to every one of you!


May your homes be warm, your roads be safe, your family tolerable, your drinks be stiff, and your gifts be local.




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