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Back to Basics

Posted: Jan 29 2020

Back To Basics

So here we are, 4 months into the year and somehow itโ€™s still only January. Sigh.

Itโ€™s such a blahhhh month. The holidays are over and so are the parties. The weather is sh*tty and you donโ€™t want to leave your house. Youโ€™re sick of your winter clothes and are dreaming of curating your spring wardrobe, but alas, we are still in the arctic tundra and just arenโ€™t ready for our favourite spring jean jackets and low cut booties.
I like to use this time to take stock of what I kept in heavy rotation in my winter wardrobe and keep those pieces front and center in my closet to make sure Iโ€™m at least in my fav duds during the rest of my least fav season.
Then I chose a few pieces that I loved but just didnโ€™t really wear, for no good reason, create a couple comprehensive outfits out of them, and put them in plain view for a few new-to-me looks ready to roll whenever I am.
Thennnnnn, thereโ€™s the other stuff. The stuff you bring out every winter saying โ€œThis is the year Iโ€™m going to wear this for sure!โ€ But big shocker, you didnโ€™t. Or even worse, the stuff that hangs in your closet or lurks in your drawers all year round, serving absolutely no purpose except taking up prime real estate and allowing you to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of getting rid of a perfectly good garment.
Well guess what, Iโ€™ve got good news for you... that real housewives looking flouncy pink top that used to bring the boys to the yard in 2001? Give it to the mother in law you donโ€™t like. Jeans you donโ€™t fit and know for a fact you never will again whether they be too big or small? Out to the back alley, bro. Those old ass ratty Huskies sweats? Nah, jk, keep those. We all need a pair of dirtbag sweats.
The truth is, all of these items sitting dormant in our closets could be either sold or traded at a clothing swap, or better yet, donated to women who have had to leave terrible situations with nothing but the clothes on their back. At the bottom of this blog, Iโ€™ll link a few great local Saskatoon organizations to consider donating your duds to and see them live a newย fulfilling life rather than end up collecting dust in your drawer, or worse, in a landfill.
At this point, once youโ€™ve scaled back your items with the usual suspects, some new kids waiting on the bench, and sold, traded, or donated the pieces that just donโ€™t belong with you any longer... then choose the pieces that you either didnโ€™t wear and hopefully will next year, and pack them away. If you donโ€™t wear them next year either, send โ€˜em packing, but give them one last shot. And lastly, if you have those things you just never wear but love them too much to part with them, then donโ€™t. Hang them in a special place, or store them for a rainy day.
Ok so now what? Youโ€™re ready to rock your paired down winter wardrobe until itโ€™s time to kick winter out, and move spring in. I suggest making sure you have a few basic staple items (or treating yourself to a few to beat the winter blues!). These pieces can often translate through the seasons and become old reliables that you can always count on.
Here are a few suggestion of basic pieces that you can wear time and again, season after season in different ways. All items are, of course, from Luxqusite Clothing, and can be purchased online.ย 
  1. A great pair of jeans. Jeans make the world go round my friends. Dress them down with a tee and sneaks, or dress them up with a silk cami and killer heels. I know itโ€™s sometimes tough to find the right pair for you, but when you do, they are a must have!ย 
  2. A basic tank. A nice fitting, plain tank in a neutral colour like white, black, grey, or navy, can serve so many purposes. French tuck it into your great jeans with a cute necklace and shoes to go to a causal concert or night out for drinks, layer it with leggings and your favourite cozy plaid shirt and winter boots to rock your best Canadian basic b*tch, or use it as a lightweight layering piece under a blazer for work.ย 
  3. A cute Cardigan. Whether you like comfy and cozy, or lightweight and flowy, a loose, open front cardi can serve multiple purposes... are you feeling bloated, large and/or in charge? No problem, hereโ€™s your cardigan. Are you cold? No problem, hereโ€™s your cardigan. Have a causal outfit that just looks monotone and boring? All good girl, hereโ€™s your cardigan.
  4. Pencil Skirt. A solid black skirt will serve you well. Wear it to work with a cute cami paired with a blazer or great fitted sweater layered over top, then ditch the blazer or sweater, shake that office hair out, and head out to happy hour. Wear it with a top with a bit-o-bling for evening events, or step out of the box come spring and play around with pairing it with your favourite casual tee or tank come spring.ย 
  5. Graphic Tee. People love graphic tees. They come in well, pretty much any topic, genre and style, geared toward any demographic you can think of. The beauty is, they donโ€™t have to be cheezy (or they can if thatโ€™s what youโ€™re after), itโ€™s simply a cheeky way for you to express yourself through your clothes and if you see one that speaks to you, then grab that tee, tie it up in front like a cutie-pie, and rock it with jeans, leggings, or cut-offs in summerย  ย 
Bonus: Ok, ok, I know I said 5 suggestions. But Iโ€™m giving a bonus item, because well, Iโ€™m the one writing the blog, so there. K guys, itโ€™s winter and itโ€™s mostly cold AF. We need to feel comfy and cozy at home and I want a pajama romper that says โ€œIโ€™m going to take IG pics of myself laying on the couch and watching Netflix all day and looking cute while doing it.โ€ Haters gonna hate, cause they will wish they were living their best winter romper life too.ย 
So there you have it! Did I just re-invent the wheel in terms of fashion? Well duh, of course not. The point is to begin purging your winter wardrobe to make room for spring coming, but to have some basic, easy to style pieces along the way to make sure you look and feel your best during this wah wahhhh time of year.
Until next time!
Consider donating your previously loved threads to one of the following organizations:

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