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Girl, Wash Your Hands and Pour Yourself a Quarantini!

Posted: Mar 14 2020

Girl, Wash Your Hands and Pour Yourself a Quarantini!

Ok guys, let’s talk COVID-19.

While the majority of us are not in mortal danger, we do need to protect the people at risk, all working together to reduce the spread of the greeblies.

The good news?? We were pros at social isolation before it was cool, so watch and learn. #hermitlife

(Not to brag, but I was also an avid surface wiper.)

How do you think online shopping became so popular? We can sit at home with no pants and a box of cheap wine and order stuff without any human interaction. What a time to be alive.

So, here’s an idea. While you’re self-isolating and likely self-destructing from being trapped in the house with your children and spouse, take an hour to lock yourself in the bathroom and cry. Just kidding... actually, cozy up with a coffee (with Baileys obviously) and spend an hour cruising the websites of your favourite local businesses and maybe snag yourself a pair of new pants... seeing as how you probably aren’t currently wearing any.

It’s called β€œQuarantine Fashion” Susan, look it up.

But seriously, while the economy will suffer overall due to corona suckage, small businesses just don’t often have the all the same securities in place as everyone else, and something like this has the ability to destroy the little guys you know and love.

So, rather than spending your time and money stocking up on canned beans, get online and shop some local treasures. Most of us are either still delivering goods right to your door personally or offering free shipping.

Coronamania won’t last forever and spring & summer are around the corner. Treat yourself to some new pieces for your wardrobe and get excited about better times to come. You can even save 15% ordering from by using the code QUARANTINE through March 31, 2020 and even have your order sent right to your plague ridden door free of charge.

Stop hoarding toilet paper like doomsday preppers and buy yourself some local goods instead. Buy only the essential resources your household needs and leave enough to go around.

Remember to be mindful and considerate of the people most risk, like the immuno-compromised and elderly... we all need to protect each other.

Thank a doctor, nurse, care-aid, or paramedic who put themselves in the way of everyone’s germs daily to help keep everyone healthy.

Pour yourself a Quarantini and fill up that online shopping cart. FYI, the recipe is just like regular martini, but you drink it in your pajamas with nobody else around. It’s the perfect cocktail. Again... #hermitlife.

Oh yeah, and wash your hands.



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